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SENER has strengthened its organizational setup in the field of Engineering and Construction, naming Álvaro Lorente1 as International General Manager, a position that is adjunct to SENER’s General Corporate Management, led by Jorge Unda. Álvaro Lorente’s chief endeavors will be to administer the consolidation and opening of SENER offices in new geographical areas and to work as a liaison between the company’s Managing Director and its Country Managers.

Therefore, Diego Ramírez2 becomes the new Managing Director of Torresol Energy, a position formerly held by Álvaro Lorente.

There has been a reorganization at SENER’s Quality Section to reinforce its operational structure: Santiago Terol3 has been appointed Deputy Director of Quality, Safety, Health and Environment, while Miguel Angel Salado4 becomes the new Head of the Quality Section for the Aerospace Division, a position held before by Santiago. Lastly, Juan Luis Lallena5 has been appointed Deputy Director for Project Quality reporting directly to the Quality, Safety, Health and Environment Management headed by David Palacios.

Besides, José Ignacio Morales6, SENER’s Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, and Miguel Domingo7, Director of Environment and Solar Power Department, have become part of SENER’s R&D Committee following the retirement of two of its members, Rafael Quintana and Jerónimo Angulo.

In the Aerospace Division, Albert Tomàs8 has been appointed as Head of Systems Engineering, functionally reporting directly to Ricardo Martín, General Manager of Aerospace Engineering and Systems. In this position, he will be responsible for the systems engineering management in all Aerospace Engineering and Systems divisions, in coordination with the Aerospace Business Unit. Consequently, Óscar Maroto9 has been appointed Head of the Electronics and Astronomy Section of the Barcelona Division, replacing Albert Tomàs.


In Mexico, Jorge Sendagorta Cudós10 has been appointed new Country Manager, being responsible for all the operations of this division. Mexico is SENER’s second largest engineering and construction office, attending to the number of professionals working in it, with an important portfolio of projects and good growing perspectives.

Also in Mexico, Arturo Sibaja11 has been appointed new Executive Director of Operations of the Infrastructures and Transport Business Unit to manage the expansion and the increase of projects in this sector. Following this change, Víctor Lupiáñez12 has been appointed as new Head of the Infrastructures Section in Mexico, position formerly held by Arturo.

At the same time, as a result of the sustained growth seen over recent years in the Mexico Infrastructures Section, a new Installations Section has been created. This section incorporates Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) infrastructure, as well as energy and electrification - electromechanical installations (IEE in its Spanish Acronym). The Head of the Installations Section will be Alberto Matamala13.

In the Middle East, Ismael Martínez14 is the new Head of the Civil Engineering Section of SENER’s GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) division, that includes countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrein, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Oman.

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