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Enrique de Sendagorta, member and Honorary associate of AINE

Enrique de Sendagorta receives the diploma from AINE.

Enrique de Sendagorta receives the diploma from AINE.

Enrique de Sendagorta Aramburu, Doctor of Marine Engineering and Honorary President and Founder of the SENER Group, as well as President of the SENER Foundation, has been appointed as a Member and Honorary Associate of both the College and the Spanish Association of Naval and Oceanic Engineers (AINE), as part of the institutional events organized by both of these institutions in celebration of the Virgen del Carmen festivities. The event took place at the School of Naval Engineering in Madrid, where Enrique de Sendagorta received the diploma from the Dean and President of the College and Association of Naval and Oceanic Engineers, Luis Vilches Collado.

Enrique de Sendagorta’s outstanding career has been recognized with other distinctions, such as the Kingdom of Spain Entrepreneurial Career Award, awarded by the Círculo de Empresarios (Association of Business Leaders) the Cercle d’Economia (Catalan Economic Association) and the Círculo de Empresarios Vascos (Association of Basque Business Leaders) in 2014; or his appointment as Honorary Member of the Spanish Institute of Engineering (2014); the National Lifetime Innovation Award from the Ministry of Science and Innovation (2011); the Ingenia Prize from the Bilbao School of Engineering (2004); and the Association of Naval Engineers Prize for Professional and Social Lifetime Achievement (1999). He has also been decorated with the Gran Cruz del Mérito Naval in Spain, the Verdienst Kreutz mit Stern in Germany and the Cruzeiro do Sul in Brazil.

A brief biography

Enrique de Sendagorta Aramburu (Plencia, 1924) is a Doctor in Marine Engineering from the School of Marine Engineering in Madrid. He also completed the first Master’s Degree in Senior Management from the IESE Business School. In 1956 he set up SENER, today an international engineering and technology group, whose corporate strategy is founded on the pillar of innovation. He was also a founding partner of several companies in Biscay and founded and directed Construnaves, the association of all Spanish shipyards.

Throughout his professional career, which has spanned more than 60 years, he has been a Director General of Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Trade, President of the Capital Goods Committee for the Spanish Development Plan and Advisor to several major state entities.

He was Chief Executive, Counselor and Director General of the Spanish Society for Marine Construction and Advisor to Ybarra y CIA. and to Marítima del Norte. His work as founder and Chief Executive President of Petronor is also worthy of note. Other significant positions that he has held are CEO of Banco de Vizcaya and Vicepresident of its Board of Directors, President of Induban and Advisor to BBV.

Enrique de Sendagorta is currently Honorary President of SENER and President of the SENER Foundation. He has also been Honorary President of the University of Navarra’s Institute of Business and Humanism.

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