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FORAN is expanding in Asia

Design with FORAN.

Design with FORAN.

SENER is strengthening its marine presence in Asia, where China, Japan and Korea currently lead the way in shipbuilding worldwide.


Cemre Engineering Shipbuilding Industry has signed a contract with SENER to implement the viewers for FORAN. As a result, SENER has installed licenses that include all the available features for this type of product.


SENER has win two new contracts, which is another big step of FORAN business in China. Firstly, the shipyard Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. (DSIC) has acquired the FORAN licenses. The license contract was signed between DSIC, SENER partner in China, United Force Corporation and SENER. By virtue of the contract, about 20 licenses of different FORAN packages including Hull Forms, Naval Architecture Calculation, Hull Structure, Machinery & Outfitting, Electrical Design and Drafting were granted to DSIC.

Besides, the company Systems Engineering Research Institute (SERI) signed a contract with SENER for using FORAN System. After a complete process of evaluating different CAD systems starting in 2014, SERI decided to collaborate with SENER for implementing FORAN System in the organization. According to the contract, licenses of FORAN packages including Hull Forms, Hull Structure, Outfitting, Electrical, Virtual Reality and Drafting were awarded to SENER.


FORAN System has been chosen by state-owned company Pertamina to review the design of their future oil product carrier ships. In this regard, Pertamina, based in Jakarta, signed a contract with SENER for the use of the FORAN FVIEWER application in the coming years.

FVIEWER is a module of the FORAN System that conducts an immersive navigation throughout the 3D model of the ship, allowing to query the model for properties and attributes, checking visual interferences and making annotations. Equally, the solution has the necessary capabilities to measure clearances and distances and to study ergonomics in complex areas such as the engine room. FVIEWER can handle very efficiently even the big and dense scenes from the complete ship.

At the moment, Pertamina has experienced the power and ease of use of FVIEWER that has become a key tool in the review of its 3D designs. Both companies hope to keep collaborating for future projects.


Khulna Shipyard Ltd. has signed a contract with SENER to implement FORAN and to use it for design and production in its new projects.

Accordingly, five FORAN licenses have been installed, including all design disciplines. The services provided by SENER include training, maintenance and technical support at the client’s facilities.

Khulna Shipyard is a company connected to the Bangladesh Government’s Ministry of Defense, and is run by the Bangladesh Navy. With a reputation spanning over five decades, it has been the country’s principal force in the shipbuilding industry.


FORAN System screenshot. Design with FORAN. Design with FORAN.

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