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Homage by the Series of Lectures ‘Ciclo de Personalidades de la Ría’ to Manu Sendagorta, Co-Founder of SENER

Andrés Sendagorta during his lecture ‘People of the Ría: José Manuel de Sendagorta Aramburu’.

Andrés Sendagorta during his lecture ‘People of the Ría: José Manuel de Sendagorta Aramburu’.

The Ría de Bilbao Maritime Museum dedicated the final lecture in its series on ‘People of the Ría’ (Ciclo de Personalidades de la Ría) to José Manuel de Sendagorta, one of the Founders of SENER. His son, Andrés Sendagorta, Vicepresident of SENER, imparted the lecture, entitled ‘People of the Ría: José Manuel de Sendagorta Aramburu’, in the Auditorium of the Maritime Museum.

Manu Sendagorta was a key figure in the development of Bilbao and the SENER Group. Born in Plentzia in 1928, he studied at the School of Aeronautical Engineering in Madrid, from which he graduated as top student, and then completed his doctorate in 1953. He also graduated in Mechanical Engineering in England in 1954 and worked in the Aerodynamics Department of Saunders-Rae Ltd., on the Isle of Wight. In 1954, he started work at Spain’s National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA), in the Propulsion and Aerodynamics Department, which he then directed, and worked with Theodor Von Karman, one of the founders of the Aeronautics Department in the California Institute of Technology (CALTECH). After directing the Technical Department of the Mecánica de la Peña company, in 1961 he became Managing Director of SENER. Under his guidance, the company diversified its operations and consolidated its position as a premier engineering firm, not just in the Marine industry, but also in Aerospace, Infrastructures and Transport and Power, Oil & Gas.

Manu has left a legacy that comprises a solid and multidisciplinary company and, above all, a team of exceptional professionals who have been pioneers in Spanish engineering. This ethos has continued to inspire later generations and today it permeates the SENER culture, which is built around the value of innovation.

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