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Outfitting module in FORAN V80.

Outfitting module in FORAN V80.

FORAN, which celebrates its 50th anniversary during 2015, is a CAD/CAM/CAE system at the forefront of the technology for marine design and construction, thanks to the continuous strategy of investment in innovation from SENER and the specific requirements from the customers. Recently, SENER has launched the new version, the FORAN V80, which incorporates new capabilities to cope with the most stringent demands from the marine shipbuilding, civil, offshore and naval.

The new version is fully compatible with the previous ones, and includes significant improvements in all of its modules. The main upgrades come from the initial and basic project stages, where the calculations and results can be reused in further steps. Regarding the Hull structure and Outfitting modules, they add extra functionality such as the new advanced welding managing, or enhancements in the pumping and instrumentation P&ID – 3D piping link, now with a more flexible and complete data locking system.

Besides, it arises the total integration between FORAN and some of the most well-known Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools, which optimizes the access control (security), the configuration and changes management (maturity control) and offers a revolutionary solution for the handling of series of sister ships, heavily applied in the naval business.

The FORAN System also has incorporated additional functionality, oriented to the design and manufacturing of offshore structures, while SENER continues with the development of the design and production particularities required by Asian shipyards. Finally, the use of the information generated by FORAN is optimized and propagated by cutting edge technology in the virtual reality, like its use in tablets and other portable devices.


FORAN V80 screenshots. FORAN V80 screenshots.

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