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Research program for UltraFan™ engine

ITP participates in the research program for the development of high-speed turbines for Rolls-Royce’s new UltraFan™ engines. This program is part of the European Union’s Clean Sky 2 initiative and has a total financing of 43 million Euros. The EU will be contributing with 23.5 million Euros and ITP will invest 19.5 million Euros.

Specifically, ITP will be in charge of the development and manufacturing of the IP turbine and the Tail Bearing Housing (TBH) of the engine and will supply the modules that will undergo testing for subsequent validation of the UltraFan™ engine.

UltraFan™ is a next generation Rolls-Royce engine design that will offer improvements of 25% in terms of fuel consumption and emissions when compared to the first generation of Trent engines. Its Entry Into Service (EIS) is planned for 2025.

For its part, Clean Sky 2 is a public-private partnership that brings together leading companies from the European aeronautical sector and public research entities for the development of state-of-the-art technologies. The goal of Clean Sky 2 is to reduce emissions and noise that are generated by airplanes in the future while safeguarding the competitiveness of Europe’s aeronautical industry. This initiative will be prolonged until the end of 2023.

ITP’s project has been chosen for its participation as Clean Sky 2 “core partner”, being the most important program approved in this first phase of “core partners” selection within the Clean Sky 2.

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