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SENER’s Chief Technical Engineers: internationally renowned

SENER professionals holding the position of CTE in 2016

SENER professionals holding the position of CTE in 2016

SENER has created the position of Chief Technical Engineer (CTE) as a way for the company to give recognition to professionals who, on account of technological contributions made throughout their careers, are internationally renowned in a specific engineering discipline within the professional spheres of engineering and construction. The role of CTE is very common in Anglo-Saxon companies, traditionally commanding significant authority. Attentive to the best practices in the market, SENER has adopted the role because it is proud to include in its ranks the most accomplished of technical experts in each of its specialties. The recognition SENER has earned for its technological differentiation is thanks to these professionals.

In 2016 these positions will be held by Carlos Compostizo, CTE in Space Structures; Jesús María Lata, CTE in Solar Plant Structures and Mechanisms; Carlos Miravet, CTE in Optics and Image Processing; Alfredo Arnedo, CTE in Metallic Structures; Guillermo Dierssen, CTE in Geotechnics and Tunnels; Jorge Contreras, CTE in Chemical Processes; Jaume Solé, CTE in Noise and Vibration Control; and Rafael Rebolo, CTE in Fluid Dynamics. All of these people have extensive professional experience behind them and are renowned in their specific disciplines, both within SENER and on an international level.

Since the role is reviewed every three years, in order to remain as a CTE each individual must continue to broaden their experience through new activities across all assessable criteria. The CTEs are responsible for promoting and leading monitoring of technology in their specialist area. With this in mind, they must always be at the cutting edge of their disciplines so as to be able to make continual contributions to SENER projects. After taking on their new roles, the CTEs will also be full members of the SENER Innovation Forum and advisors on SENER’s R&D Committee. In addition, they will be able to use this title associated with their specific field in their professional relations outside the company.

The introduction of the role of CTE demonstrates the value SENER places on technical careers, which occupy a central position in the company’s professional development map. This position has been created within SENER’s technical hierarchy as a way for the company to give due recognition and a higher public profile to professionals meeting the criteria. Furthermore, it will ensure that knowledge within SENER is developed and preserved, something that is key for maintaining the technical standing of the company, characterized by its culture of excellence, quality, innovation and independence.

In the words of SENER’s President, Jorge Sendagorta, “SENER has always followed a strategy of differentiating itself through the solutions it supplies to clients. Those who are most able to develop these solutions are the CTEs, as they have a wealth of state-of-the-art knowledge in each of their specialist areas.”

The CTEs, leading figures both within SENER and on an international level

CTEs must meet a set of measurable criteria:

In terms of internal criteria, an emphasis is placed on their training and career path. Also taken into consideration is their commitment to the dissemination of knowledge with their peers by means of training courses. Another key factor is their innovating and relevant technological contributions aimed at ensuring that projects are successful, for example, is their ability to identify design errors or to solve technical problems involving the creation of new technology. Finally, the candidates’ cost orientation will be evaluated. They will need to demonstrate at least two outstanding projects in which they have made a key technical contribution, while also having made significant cost savings.

The right candidate must also have an excellent reputation outside the company. They should be renowned in the sector as well as in their specific discipline, which is a basic requirement for the role of a CTE. Their teaching activities will, therefore, be taken into account, as well as: prizes or accolades, collaborations with technological centers or universities, membership in professional groups and industry associations, participation in the drafting of international standards and procedures, in technical journals and conferences, and the publication of patents.


Jorge Sendagorta, SENER President, presents the CTE recognition to Alfredo Arnedo 
Andrés Sendagorta, SENER Vicepresident, presents the CTE recognition to Carlos Compostizo 
Jorge Unda, SENER Managing Director, presents the CTE recognition to Jorge Contreras 
Guillermo Dierssen picks up the CTE recognition from Álvaro Lorente, SENER International General Manager 
Jesús María Lata picks up the CTE recognition from Mercedes Sierra, SENER R&D Corporate Manager 
Carlos Miravet picks up the CTE recognition from José Gregorio Briz, SENER General Manager of Infrastructures and Transport 
Rafael Rebolo picks up the CTE recognition from José Olaso, SENER General Manager of Power, Oil & Gas 
Rafael de Góngora, SENER General Manager of Marine, presents the CTE recognition to Jaume Solé

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