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Technology development agreement with Hettich Automation

Hettich Automation, part of the Hettich group, has signed an agreement with NTE Healthcare to connect one of their automatic incubators up to AUTOPLAK. The agreement involves working together to develop the technology required to adapt both devices and a contract for SENER to carry out the connection tracks, and envisages a long-term technological and commercial partnership.Therefore, NTE Healthcare continues to progress in its goal to fully automate the activities of microbiology laboratories.

Acuerdo de desarrollo tecnológico con Hettich Automation

AUTOPLAK is an innovative inoculation and streaking device for liquid samples in Petri dishes. It is capable of inoculating an average of 140 dishes per hour and can simultaneously load 120 liquid microbiological samples of any type. It does not need any additional consumables and it is operated by user interaction with a touchscreen. It also includes pre-installed LIS (Laboratory Information System) connectivity.

AUTOPLAK has three default configurations, set for optimal adaptation to three levels of laboratory capacity: Standard, Advance and Full Equip.

Recently, AUTOPLAK has also added two new features: bi-plate streaking and automatic antibiotic disc dispensing for antibiogram testing.

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