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In October, Casemiro Tércio dos Reis Lima Carvalho, President of the Brasilian company Docas de São Sebastião and also Director of the Hidrovia Department at the Secretary of Logistics and Transport of São Paulo (Brazil), visited SENER facilities in Barcelona (Spain).

In September, the President of the naval engineering company China Ship Development and Design Center (CSDDC), Xiaoguang Wu, came to SENER headquarters in Madrid (Spain)1.

In July, a group of students from the Excellence program of the University of Navarra were in SENER’s facilities in Madrid (Spain).

Also in July, SENER received in its Barcelona facilities a group of attendees in the Spanish-Brazilian workshop on “Energy sustainability in buildings and processes” organized by university research groups of the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (Brazil), the Universidade Federal de Paraiba (Brazil), the Rovira i Virgili University (Spain) and the Pernambuco Federal Institute (Brazil).


In June, a group of students from IESE’s General Management Program visited the SENER premises in Madrid2.

Equally, in June, four students from the United Arab Emirates studying Chemical, Nuclear, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in US universities attended a training program at Torresol Energy, which included visits to various SENER facilities in Spain: the SENER premises in Madrid and the solar plants Gemasolar, in Seville, and Valle 1 and Valle 2, in Cádiz.


In May, the Air Force General Guillermo León León, Commander of the Colombian Air Force (FAC, in its Spanish acronym), visited SENER headquarters in Madrid (Spain) accompanied by delegations from the FAC and the Spanish Air Force, the latter headed by Brigadier General Luis Antonio Ruiz Nogal. Visitors were welcomed by the Vicepresident of SENER, Andrés Sendagorta, and other SENER representatives. Afterward, the Colombian delegation also went to ITP facilities in Madrid3.


Also in May, students from the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC) visited the Gemasolar facilities in Seville. This visit is part of the SENER award granted annually to the best project in the UPC projects course in the degrees of Industrial Engineering (GRETI in its Spanish acronym) and Aerospace Technology / Aerospace Vehicle Engineering (GRETA/GREVA)4.

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