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Work progresses on NOORo II and NOORo III

Molten salt storage tanks in NOORo I (Ouarzazate Morocco).

Molten salt storage tanks in NOORo I (Ouarzazate Morocco).

SENER is part of the turnkey construction of what will, once completed, be the largest solar complex on the planet. This is the NOORo project, located in Ouarzazate (Morocco) and comprised of four phases: three thermosolar plants (NOORo I, NOORo II and NOORo III, which together make 510 MWe of power) and a fourth phase, the NOORo IV power station, which will have photovoltaic technology.

As a member of this consortium, SENER is responsible for the turnkey construction of the three thermosolar facilities, as well as providing all the technology. NOORo I has a power capacity of 160 MWe and uses SENERtrough® parabolic troughs designed and patented by SENER. Currently, this plant is being commissioned and commercial operations will begin very soon.

Work on NOORo II began in July. At this 200 MWe plant, the second generation of SENER troughs will be installed: the SENERtrough®-2 system. The loops are currently being assembled on premises situated in NOORo II, and will then be fitted in the solar field.

Work on NOORo III already started in May. With its 150 MWe, this is a central tower plant with a molten salt receiver; a format that SENER applied successfully at Gemasolar in Seville (Spain), up to now the only commercially operational facility in the world with this technology. NOORo III is five times larger; the natural evolution of this pioneering facility. SENER is currently in the process of manufacturing the heliostats and the central receiver.

SENER takes part in the turnkey construction of the three thermosolar facilities, and provides all the technology.

In all three cases, SENER will be incorporating a molten salts storage system that will allow the plants to continue to produce electricity in the absence of solar radiation, i.e., in cloudy weather and at night. In fact, the highest demand for electrical power in Morocco comes at night, so integrating the plants into the Moroccan electricity network is the most efficient solution.

It is important to emphasize that local involvement in this project makes up 35 % of the construction, as the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) consortium maintains a strong commitment to the community of Ouarzazate and to the Kingdom of Morocco since it began the first phase of the project, NOORo I, using both local subcontractors and suppliers.

Today, SENER is a leading company in thermosolar power, not only for the number of projects it has under its belt –29 to date, the majority of which comprises turnkey projects across Spain, the United States, South Africa and Morocco– but also for the development and incorporation of technical solutions using its own patents. In total, these installations have over 2,000 MW of installed capacity and produce an annual saving of more than 1 million tons of CO2. Only the three plants constructed by SENER in Morocco prevent the yearly emission of 450,000 tons of CO2.


SENERtrough® loops in the solar field of NOORo I in Morocco. NOORo I solar field (Ouarzazate - Morocco). Prototype of the SENER heliostat for NOORo III installed in Gemasolar. NOORo I aerial view. SENERtrough® at NOORo I. NOORo I plant.

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