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Bilbao’s South Metropolitan Bypass receives Honorable Mention

 Tunnel at the Supersur.

Tunnel at the Supersur.

The South Metropolitan Bypass project in Bilbao (Spain), better known as Supersur, developed with the participation of SENER has been recognized with an Honorable Mention at the Aqueduct of Segovia Awards given by the Spanish College of Civil Engineers (CICCP for its Spanish acronym). It is a project that, according to the CICCP, “has developed a functional, safe and sustainable traffic alternative to the busier section of the A-8 highway between the access road to the port of Bilbao and the A-68 highway.”

SENER has conducted the preliminary studies for the highway planning as well as the construction project of all facilities and the highway control center, in addition to providing technical assistance to the project management.


Bilbao’s Supersur highway.

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