Technological differentiation as SENER’s strategic advantage - June 2014 - Number 47 /Up-to-Date

Compression stations in Mexico

SENER is building two compression stations in Mexico for Gasoductos del Noreste (GDN). This turnkey project is being performed by SENER in a horizontal consortium with another company, with participation of 50/50 and SENER acting as the leading company.

SENER is currently performing the detailed engineering for the stations. Meanwhile, the main processing equipment (filters, traps, and Regulation and Metering Station RMS) are being prepared, together with the various control systems (SCADA, DCS, SPE, F&G), the telecommunication systems, the materials for pipes and valves (manual and actuated) and the metal structures for the buildings. Regarding construction, the earthworks and foundational work have begun for the main equipment, and construction is being completed on the two site areas, each one with camps with capacity of 500 inhabitants, where the workers will be housed until the stations are ready for the takeover to the client, by the end of 2014.

The two stations are respectively located in Frontera (in the state of Tamaulipas, bordering the United States) and Ramones (in the state of Nuevo León, near Monterrey), and they will be connected by a 114 km long, 48-inch gas pipeline. The construction consortium will provide both stations with the basic engineering (provided by GDN) and the detailed engineering, in addition to the procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up of all of the systems (except for the turbo-compressors). Among the stations’ main equipment there are the regulation and measurement units, scraper traps, separation and coalescent filters, the control system, electrical systems and equipment, and the auxiliary services area for future turbo-compressors. It should be noted that each compression station will have its own control system, which will be connected via satellite to the central control system of the State gas pipeline network in Mexico City. Both the stations and the gas pipeline (which is not included in this contract) will use the same supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system in order to maintain the integrity of the project.


Route of the compression stations.

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