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Enrique de Sendagorta, Kingdom of Spain Entrepreneurial Career Award

Enrique de Sendagorta collects the award from King Juan Carlos I.

Enrique de Sendagorta collects the award from King Juan Carlos I.

The Honorary President and founder of the group SENER and President of the SENER Foundation, Enrique de Sendagorta Aramburu, was presented with the Kingdom of Spain Entrepreneurial Career Award in its first edition. Founded by the Spanish entrepreneur associations Círculo de Empresarios, Cercle d’Economia and Círculo de Empresarios Vascos, this prize pretends to recognize a lifetime achievement in the business world marked by job creation, innovation, internationalization and social cooperation.

To commemorate the award, Enrique de Sendagorta was presented by King Juan Carlos I with a reproduction of a medal of honor dating back to 1764, the days of King Carlos III of Spain, in a ceremony that took place at the Royal Palace of El Pardo, in Madrid. Also present at the event were Marcelino Oreja, President of the jury panel; Mónica de Oriol, President of Círculo de Empresarios; Jesús Sainz, General Secretary of Círculo de Empresarios and Luis de Guindos. Spanish Minister of Economy and Competitiveness.

The jury panel highlighted Enrique de Sendagorta’s professional career as “an example of what intuitions, hard work, generosity and sacrifice can do for the future of a company and for the prosperity of Spain when they are matched with a vocation for service”.

Enrique de Sendagorta has received other awards honoring his exemplary career, among them the National Lifetime Innovation Award from the Ministry of Science and Innovation, the Ingenia Prize from the Bilbao School of Engineering and the Association of Marine Engineers Award for Professional and Social Lifetime Achievement.

ACCEPTANCE SPEECH from Enrique de Sendagorta

Enrique de Sendagorta brief biography

Enrique de Sendagorta Aramburu (Plencia, 1924) holds a doctorate in Marine Engineering from the Special School for Marine Engineering in Madrid, and a master's degree in Senior Management from IESE (first graduating class). In 1956 he founded SENER, now a successful international engineering and technology group. He was also a founding partner in the Biscayan firms Itasa and Indunaval, and founder and director of Construnaves, the association of which all Spanish shipyards are members.

In his career spanning more than 60 years, he has also served as Director General of Foreign Trade; Director General for Trade Expansion at the Ministry of Commerce; President of the Capital Goods Commission for the Spanish Development Plan; a member of the Advisory Board on Nuclear Power; Advisor to the Spanish Institute of Medium and Long Term Credit; Advisor to the Bank of Industrial Credit (BCI); Advisor to the official companies for Export Credit Insurance; and Advisor to various state bodies.

He has also held the position of Chief Executive, Counselor and Director General of the Spanish Society of Marine Construction, and Advisor to Ybarra y Compañía, Naviera Artola, and Marítima del Norte. His work as Executive President of Petronor is noted as being outstanding. Other noteworthy responsibilities include CEO of the Bank of Vizcaya and Vice President of its Board of Directors; President of the Industrial Finance Bank (Induban) and Advisor to BBV.

Currently, Enrique de Sendagorta is Honorary President of SENER and President of the SENER Foundation. He is also Honorary President of the University of Navarre's Institute of Business and Humanism.

Kingdom of Spain Entrepreneurial Career Award


Mónica de Oriol congratulates Enrique de Sendagorta. Enrique de Sendagorta collects the award from King Juan Carlos I.

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