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Guadalajara metro Line 3

Line 3 future station.

Line 3 future station.

The Mexican Ministry of Communication and Transportation (SCT) has awarded SENER the project for the Guadalajara metro’s new Line 3. SENER has developed the entire project, from the prefeasibility study to the preliminary study and the construction documents for the line.

Line 3 will stretch across 22 km, with 17 km in viaducts and the other 5 km underground. For the line’s complex trajectory, SENER has designed a system that blends in perfectly with the urban surroundings, comprising a total of 18 stations: 13 above ground and five underground.

The work was divided into several phases. First, prefeasibility studies were drafted, including mobility, demand and legal studies, environmental analysis and socio-economic and financial studies. In the preliminary project and construction planning stages, SENER provided the following services: layouts, station implementation, architecture and structure; electromechanical installations for the stations; structural design of the tunnel (projected to be dug with a tunnel boring machine) and the viaduct; urban integration of the line; design of the tracks and railway electrification, control and communications installations; design of the rolling stock; design of the railway operation model and the financial model; design of yards and workshops; and remodeling of the existing bus network and design of transportation exchanges.


Line 3 future station (interior)  Line 3 future station general view  Line 3 future station (interior)

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