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HP-SMART EMA tested at TURBOMECA’s test bench demonstrator

HP SMART EMA in the engine.

HP SMART EMA in the engine.

SENER has developed an ElectroMechanical Actuator (EMA), that replaces an hydraulic one, for the inlet guide vanes actuation of the innovative turboshaft engine demonstrator by TURBOMECA in the scope of JTI Cleansky SAGE (Sustainable And Green Engine) platform. This EMA has been performed by a consortium managed by SENER through a Call for Proposal Process inside the CleanSky initiative.

CleanSky (European research program started in 2008) has the aim to reach a greener aviation. The TURBOMECA TECH800 demonstrator has been developed in cooperation with 34 partners from 10 European countries, including 18 SMEs and 12 universities and research centers.

The technologies to be demonstrated in TECH800 will deliver reduced emissions in-line with the goals of the Clean Sky program. An Innovative core engine demonstrator has been designed, manufactured and tested by TURBOMECA for future helicopter turboshaft applications in the 800kW power class. Key technologies are related to the compressor architecture and performance, the combustion chamber enabling lower emissions, the turbine operating at a very elevated temperature and a high-efficiency power turbine. This demonstrator offers a double-digit benefit in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions compared to the year 2000, and breakthroughs in noise attenuation, weight (using composite and titanium aluminide components), and control systems (including fuel pumps and electric actuators). HP-SMART EMA has been tested in TECH800 demonstrator, with very satisfactory results and performance for the customer.

This development allows SENER to improve the market presence for EMAs in aviation engines, where the company is currently designing a similar application for MTU and Pratt&Whitney.

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