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ITP renews its turbines agreement with Rolls-Royce

A professional from ITP at its Rugby center in the United Kingdom.

A professional from ITP at its Rugby center in the United Kingdom.

ITP and Rolls-Royce have signed a strategic collaboration agreement whereby ITP becomes the supplier of its low-pressure turbines –conventional turbines– and of the new high speed turbines for its new generation engines Ultrafan.

Ultrafan represents the future generation of engines on which Rolls-Royce is working at present, expected to be in service from 2025.

The agreement implies greater investment in R&D for the acquisition of technology. Altogether, in the next five years, ITP envisages a total investment of more than 75 million Euros. Besides, it can be considered as a new milestone in the long term strategic collaboration with Rolls-Royce and has been possible thanks to the confidence acquired through the design and development of the low pressure turbines for the Trent family engines, powering the Airbus A330, A340, A380, A350 and the Boeing 787, in which ITP participates since 1998 as a risk and revenue sharing partner. With this agreement, ITP will maintain its access to market through Rolls-Royce.

ITP’s shareholding does not change, and the shareholders’ participation is maintained: SENER with 53,125% and Rolls Royce with the remaining 46,875%.

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