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Jorge Sendagorta given the Bizkaia Sarean business award

Jorge Sendagorta collects the Bizkaia Sarean award.

Jorge Sendagorta collects the Bizkaia Sarean award.

SENER President has received the Bizkaia Sarean award in recognition of his career achievements. This is one of the Bizkaia Sarean awards, given by the Association for Promotion of Biscay Business Network, BizkaiRed, which highlight the work of executives, companies and institutions in the Biscay province in Spain.

The award ceremony took place on Thursday, June 19th at the Bilbao Iberdrola Tower, a symbol of Biscay society’s economic and business progress.

The fourth edition of these awards also recognized the Director General of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, the University of Deusto, the Chamber of Commerce in Bilbao, the Fine Arts Museum of this city, the LandArt Bilbao Foundation and the Fábrica de Magos school of magic.


Executives and representatives of the institutions awarded at the Bizkaired fouth edition.

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