Technological differentiation as SENER’s strategic advantage - June 2014 - Number 47 /Up-to-Date

Light rail transportation system in Lusail

Lusail LRT future station.

Lusail LRT future station.

Over the last four years, SENER has been providing review services as an independent checker consulting engineer (ICE) and supervising the construction for the new light rail transportation system in Lusail (Qatar) developed by the QDVC consortium (made up of the investment company Qatari Diar and the construction firm Vinci Construction). Specifically, SENER task is to verify the concept and the design and to ensure that the specified objectives are reached in all aspects related to quality, service, execution of construction, safety, durability, maintenance, operating capacity, expansion capacity, and/or future updates.

This light rail, known as LRT, has been conceived as an integrated transportation system to provide service for Lusail, the new city that is being built on the coast to the north of Qatar’s capital, Doha. When completed, Lusail will cover an area of roughly 20 km2 and have a population of around 175,000 residents.

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