50 years of FORAN in continuous reinvention - December 2014 - No. 48 /Up-to-Date

New release FORAN V70R3.0

Virtual navigation around the ship 3D model in FORAN FVIEWER. Courtesy of Babcock.

Virtual navigation around the ship 3D model in FORAN FVIEWER. Courtesy of Babcock.

SENER has launched the new FORAN V70R3.0, with important improvements such as the new basic design application and the advances in the development of the integration between FORAN and different Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) tools, by means of an advanced and open integration that follows the user demands.

FORAN V70R3.0 offers a solution covering all design stages and discipline. Let’s explain some of them in the following paragraphs.

Basic design

The module FGA that allows the ship general disposition and the definition of compartments and spaces in 3D, incorporates new functionality for the quick positioning of equipment in the early stages of the design. This general arrangement born from the 3D model can be linked intrinsically to the spaces of the ship and will be integrated with the rest of outfitting solutions in further design stages.

Another advantage of the new version is the new module FBASIC, that groups all the former applications related with the naval architecture calculations, storing the information in the FORAN database and allowing to organize the concepts in a hierarchical tree. New enhancements are the interactive definition of loading conditions and a user-defined stability criteria, all integrated with the FGA module.


At FHULL the new release improves the structure model definition with fast generation of fabrication outputs. It is worth to mention the innovative representation of structural parts by BREP and new enhancements in the generation of a simplified model to be exported to FEM tools, reducing dramatically the time during the analysis process. Equally, there are more options devoted to the design of offshore units.



The FSYSD solution has been recently re-developed for the diagrams definition adds functionality, such as new instrumentation lines according with ANSI/ISA-S5-1-1984/1992 regulation. The communications with other systems has been improved and now it is possible to export multiple diagrams in PDF format. Other options are the automatic labelling and improvements to check the diagram integrity.

FPIPE Module

It is a integrated solution for the standards definition, equipment layout, piping, auxiliary structures, HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) and interference checking, allows the replacement tool for straight fittings in pipelines and other functionality in auxiliary structures and supports.

Electrical design

In FCABLE the new version reduces the wasted gaps in the cable filling and allows to export transits to Hawke´s HDS. On the other hand, the FREPG application allows to define labels including a QR code.


FDESIGN has been updated to allow the automatic drawing generation in all FORAN disciplines. In this regard, some remarkable upgrades are improvements to optimize the labelling, the possibility of having drawings of sections defined in different planes and more properties for distributors containing different heights referred to decks.

Finally, SENER’s virtual reality solutions have also been improved.


Screenshot of the FGA module for basic design. Transversal symmetry in FORAN FHULL. FVIEWER Virtual Reality and Design Review module that allows the visualization of the vessel. Floating dock designed with FORAN. Courtesy of Ricochet.

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