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Porto LRT receives award by Harvard University

Porto light rail train.

Porto light rail train.

The Porto Light Rail Train (LRT) has been awarded the Veronica Rudge Green Prize, granted every two years by the School of Design at Harvard University to projects that stand out for their excellence in sustainable urban planning. From the outset, the system was designed with the aim to become a factor of urban renewal and regeneration. For this reason, its contribution to the preservation of Porto, a city that is included in UNESCO’S list of World Heritage, has been highlighted, being also noteworthy its contribution to the improvement in the conditions of life of its inhabitants as well as in the integration of isolated areas.

SENER has been one of the key players in this project, since it has been involved in all phases of the metro network development process as the company responsible for services ranging from technical assistance to its construction and commissioning. In fact, SENER’s team of architects and city planners designed the urban implementation of the LRT lines all along their length, also specifying the criteria to be followed in future extensions of the system.

The quality of the project has been recognized previously, in 2008, with the Light Rail Award - Best New System granted by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) which distinguishes the creativity and design of light rail systems around the world.

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