Technological differentiation as SENER’s strategic advantage - June 2014 - Number 47 /Up-to-Date

SENER and ITP work in the design of a test bench for the TP 400

SIAe’s facilities in Bordeaux (France).

SIAe’s facilities in Bordeaux (France).

SENER has worked with ITP on a project to design a test bench for the TP 400 engine at the Service Industriel de l’Aéronautique (SIAe) facilities in Bordeaux, France. Originally designed and built for testing turbojets (pass-off tests), it will be the test bench no. 8 for AIA (Atelier Industriel de l’Aéronautique), in Croix d’Hins. The project for the new test bench is currently assigned to ITP in order to make the necessary modifications for performing this type of test on the TP 400-D6 turboprop engine.

For this ITP project, SENER has contributed with its experience in noise prevention and has supplied two systems: the air entry system, with deflector blades, and the air output system, called ‘detuner’.

Furthermore, SENER’s work consisted of the following phases for both systems: a basic noise study phase in which SENER conducted a geological / geotechnical study, created the mechanical design for the acoustic attenuators, performed simulations using the acoustic ray method and a phase in which the detailed engineering for the noise prevention measures the air input and output systems. This phase includes civil engineering design and calculations, the mechanical design for the noise attenuators using the finite elements method (FEM), and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) calculations of the amounts of load loss levels observed with the design of the output silencer, in addition to new FEM acoustic simulations; a supply and assembly phase of the systems on site; and lastly, an on-site measurement campaign to ensure acoustic requirement compliance.

The systems have already been accepted and are being used in the test bench ensuring the proper performances.

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