Technological differentiation as SENER’s strategic advantage - June 2014 - Number 47 /Corporate

SENER opens office in India

SENER premise in New Delhi.

SENER premise in New Delhi.

SENER has opened a division in India with offices in New Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai, in which it has recruited a high-skilled Indian technical team that is fully integrated into the local culture and shares SENER’s corporate values based on the commitment to quality, innovation and managerial independence.

SENER CEO in India, Shaju Stephen, has pointed out that “SENER in India has the aim to attract the best engineering talent from the country, not only to develop local projects but also work for global contracts for other clients abroad. India has highly educated, talented and experienced professionals in engineering and technology that can perfectly fit in SENER’s culture of innovation and quality. As part of a high-tech group, the firm in India will also focus on projects where SENER’s technological differentiation is key to compete worldwide”.

To date, the company has been involved in Infrastructures and Transport projects, such as two master plan contracts for the re-development of railway stations, namely, Shivaji Nagar, in the city of Pune (Maharashtra), and Bijwasan, in New Delhi; and a couple of pre-bid design engineering services for leading construction companies bidding for the Dedicated Freight Corridor; in the Aerospace sector, SENER has initiated technology development discussions with various government defense research centers; in Marine, the company has signed an agreement with Navgathi Marine Design and Constructions for the use of SENER’s ship design and construction software FORAN; and in Power and Process, the company has submitted bids for multiple LNG regasification projects, apart from being active in the solar thermal field.

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