50 years of FORAN in continuous reinvention - December 2014 - No. 48 /Up-to-Date

Site management of Algeria’s East–West highway

Simulation of one of the highway’s toll areas. Western section.

Simulation of one of the highway’s toll areas. Western section.

The national agency Algérienne de Gestion des Autoroutes has awarded SENER the site management contract for a section of the East–West Algerian highway, which will traverse the full 1,200 km distance between the county’s borders with Tunisia and Morocco, running parallel to the Mediterranean coast. The specific section is the 400 km stretch in the West of the country, between the municipalities of Maghnia and Chlef. The completion of the project is forecast for August 2016.

  • The contract comprises the control and supervision of the works for the operational equipment and facilities of the section. Specifically, it includes the following services:
  • Technical consulting and advice for the client, on demand.
  • Checking and approval of complementary geotechnical studies and detailed execution studies for the various work sites, facilities and operational equipment.
  • Controlling the execution of the works and the manufacture and installation of the group of operational equipment.
  • Studying and controlling the construction company’s programs, execution studies, designs and execution plans.
  • Producing control and tracking reports on the works.
  • Approving and controlling the fulfillment of the contractor’s Quality Assurance Plan (QAS).
  • Ensuring the provisional and definitive reception of the works, in accordance with the procedures foreseen.
  • Guaranteeing the reception of the equipment and carrying out tracking and validation of the controls and tests performed.

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