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UDIN Engineering boosts FORAN in Korea

Busan-based Unique Design and Intellectual Networks Engineering Co., Ltd. (UDIN) has recently entered into an agreement with SENER in Korea for the permanent license of the FORAN System and related technical assistance.

The agreement completes a process started off in July 2013 with the integral application of FORAN on a temporary license basis to a couple of real projects carried out by UDIN: a series of medium-range tankers being built by Samsung Heavy Industries in its factory of Ningbo (China) for Greek owner Evangelos Marinakis, and a 1,200 pax ferry being built by POSCO PlanTEC in Busan for Zanzibar Government.

Besides, UDIN is starting new projects such as another series of MR tankers for the Chinese shipbuilder Honghua and several offshore units for IHI Aichi Shipyard in Japan.

UDIN has also set up a highly-efficient CAD development team to customize FORAN, in particular its deliverable outputs according to the diverse standards and requirements of customer shipyards.

Additionally, UDIN has established a separate technical alliance with SENER for mutual support in the field of ship design and engineering.

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